We specialise in organising transport service in the entire European Union and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. We offer you standard road as well as air and maritime transport, and guarantee shipping in shortest possible time from sender to the recipient.

Our company specialises in transport service organisation in the entire European Union and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Customers are guaranteed to save time and choose rationally. Our offer envelops the comprehensive area of international road transport, including the transport itself and accompanying activities (warehousing, distribution …). The organisation ranges from small packages to complete shipments. The company’s contractual transporters are mostly independent entrepreneurs with their own vehicles, and are mostly the drivers as well. They are reported to be much more effective than company owners above average.

We swear by the approach to clients as partners, which separates us from the other transport companies. We are adaptable, accurate, on time and most importantly – always available!

We guarantee your shipment will be in responsible and safe hands! It would be our pleasure to answer your inquiries and eventually order placements to give us a chance to present our quality service.